Solar Street Light

AC Street Light

KOLKOM is the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of a wide range of solar street lights.

Our street lights are available in CFL and LED type in different Power range from 9W to 72W with Battery backup.

These street lights are MNRE approved and tested in Govt. labs, UV proof and made of unbreakable material.

These street lights come with charge controllers in order to maximize your energy outputs. These street lights are available both with pole and without pole configuration.

* Out-door lighting
* Garden lighting
* College Campus
* In Lawns
* Street Lights.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights
* Easy Installation
* No net of Wiring
* No need to depend on electricity and other power source
* Work in rough environment like storm of raining when electricity is unavailable
* Longer life up to years (Average age of a Solar panel )
* Cheaper, one time investment
* Taxes and subsidy benefits
* Eco friendly, Zero carbon emission,
* Save the traditional sources of energy
* Its automatic sensors prevent the power to be wasted
* No threat of short circuit, electric shock
* Less maintenance, only battery may need some maintenance or replacement
* Use charge controller in order to maximize backup and prevent overcharging and deep discharging