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About Us

The birth of KOLSKOM was founded in September 2017 after more than 5 years of deep and intensive studies for the Renewable Energy technology all over the world with most of the Asian countries already depending on the solar powergeneration of Electricity as one of its strategic sources to generate power, The possibility to be implemented in the Indian market was cleared with the late of 2013.

Due to the current Dilemma of power source generation all over the world and encouraging to GO GREEN (depending on Renewable Energy Sources) plus the advantage of being one of the best countries all over the world in Sun light intensity all over the year, Indian Government started to really encourage and direct investments in this sector which an effective solution to the shortage in power sources in India.


We believe this is key to any successful relationship.It is important to KOLSKOM that our clients and team members have a strong foundation of trust in each other.

Ethical Conduct

We believe this is the cornerstone of good business. We are committed to honesty and high morals in all dealings, both internally and externally.

Our Vision

To be a global, innovative and competitive Renewable Energy Enterprise providing total solutions to customers of Renewable Energy Products and Services.

Our Mission

To be a leading Renewable Energy enterprise, providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices.


What we do?